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Over at my IoPT blog I’ve written occasionally about how online ad networks are co-opted by cyber criminals and used to deliver malware.  It is one reason why I’ve never carried ads on,, or

But this blog is hosted at WordPress and is the only one of my blogs not on my own domain or hosting account. WordPress has been running ads on it but they do offer an ad-free upgrade which I just purchased.  So as of tonight this blog should be totally ad-free.  I know WordPress runs some scripts.  Hell, the theme I use runs some as well.  I try to keep these minimal but aren’t about to retrain as a WordPress programmer to make them go away entirely.  But at least you should be free of any malware vectoring in over the ad network.  If you see any ads when viewing this site, please let me know.

And now, back to your irregularly scheduled content!

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Nerd love

My wife and I watched Scorpion on the DVR tonight.  “I like this show,” she told me as the credits began to roll.

“Well,” I replied, “you do have a thing for brainy nerds.”

“Are you a brainy nerd?”

“Little bit,” I said with a grin.

She headed off to the bathroom to brush her teeth.  I shut down the TV and DVR and then followed along.  She was still brushing her teeth when I arrived so I sidled up next to her, put my arm around her shoulders and kissed the back of her neck.  As I moved to straighten up I lost my balance and stumbled back awkwardly trying to recover.  The fly in my pajamas had caught on a drawer knob which is what made me lose my balance.  In recovering from the fall the drawer had pulled out and was still stuck to me as I stood there.  I looked at my pants pulled taught in front of me like a tent, then looked up to see her looking at them too.

I detached myself from the drawer knob and pushed it closed.  “So much for the brainy nerd image” I sighed, feeling like an idiot.

She laid a hand on my cheek and said “no Honey, that is exactly the brainy nerd image.” Then she kissed me and everything was OK again.

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Garbage Collection

Trying to eat up all the odds and ends that have collected in the kitchen and pantry leads to a weird food day.

  • Slightly out of date yogurt. (If you thought those cultures were active before the expiration, you should see the Zumba dance-off they have beginning at 12:01am the day after expiration!)
  • The fruit formerly known as Banana.
  • The last of the stale-ish pita crisps with jalapeno mint jelly.
  • That frozen dinner even Matt won’t eat.
  • The last of the jalapeno olives.
  • The last of the Castelvetrano olives.
  • The last of the cracked olives.
  • Enough vodka to retroactively make martinis with said olives.  Wish I’d thought of that before I ate the olives.
  • I wonder if I could finish the last of the pickles?
  • Nope.

On the menu tomorrow:

  • Try to finish off the last of the jalapeno mint jelly by slathering it onto the last of the bread-and-butter pickle chips.
  • More out of date yogurt.
  • Is that coat of mold part of the cheese or something that came later?
  • Something made with vegetable stock.
  • Something made with frozen blueberries.
  • Hey, is blueberry soup a thing?  I’ll find out tomorrow.
  • Last of about 4 or 5 different kinds of frozen vegetables, each with less than a single serving left in the bag.
  • Archeological expedition to the bottom of the chest freezer in the garage. Send a rescue party if I’m not back by Sunday.
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The Carrotastrophe

Warning: Contains carrots!So I’m steaming some frozen vegetables for lunch and I happen to notice some warnings on the bag.  Apparently I’m supposed to make sure that whatever wattage my microwave oven is, the carrots get to an internal temperature of 165 F because cooking times may vary.

Just how contaminated is the food supply that CARROTS, something I’m fond of eating raw, have to be cooked thoroughly to avoid food poisoning?  There’s nothing on the package label saying “Warning: Processed in a facility that also processes wheat, nuts and weapons grade salmonella.”  What are we doing now, just slaughtering livestock in the fields among the crops?

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Travelex rant

Travelex Cash Passport cardWow, so Travelex managed to screw me pretty royally.  Pretty fitting considering I’m in the UK where they know a little something about royalty.  This is a pure rant so if you aren’t interested, I highly recommend the Solar roadways post instead.  Like it says in the masthead, “because if I don’t write, I’ll explode.”  Sometimes I do these just for me and this is one of those times.  However, if you travel internationally, be warned.

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Tebo, Sam, and the whitewashing of hate

I don’t watch sports.  Whatever media attention Michael Sam received never entered my sphere of awareness.  On the other hand, the backlash to it is all over my social media and news feeds.  Note I didn’t say the reaction to it, but specifically the protests.  Had it not been for these I would never have known.  Yet when I stop to read what its all about, all I see from my vantage point is the very people who have invaded my techie world complaining about all the media attention over Sam’s announcement.  From this side of my monitor the complaints about the media attention are the media attention.

One such arrived from a friend who I love and respect who posted a link to a Matt Walsh post.  From that post:

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Solar Roadways is funding – and why you should care

20140508113108-Sandpoint_1Scott and Julie Brusaw of Idaho came up with the brilliant idea of embedding solar cells into roadways.  Even with the meager conversion rates of today’s solar cells and even in the more Northern regions where the incident solar angle limits the amount of usable energy received, in this usage photocells are cost effective and capable of  generating more power than we use, assuming the majority of roads were paved with these.  This is one of those ideas that is so good and in retrospect so obvious that you have to wonder why nobody thought of it before.  Then if you look closer and discover that Scott and Julie have been working on this for over a decade you might wonder how it’s been around so long and you are still driving over potholes where asphalt used to be.  That’s a really good question.  I believe we can help them resolve that one last issue by kicking in a few dollars to their Indiegogo campaign and this post is to help explain why it’s important to do this with private funding.

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