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Asperger’s as a user interface problem

I hate it when computer software wastes my time!  Last week I was working on some research using a SUSE Linux server when suddenly everything I typed was in some foreign character set and the writing was oriented right-to-left instead … Continue reading

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The ePinions days

Some of my older writing, including the infamous Vacuum Man posts, is still available at ePinions: Confessions of a Computer Geek – Loosely based on a true story. A Different Take On The Picky Eater – What do you do … Continue reading

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I Know I’m Supposed to Keep This a Secret, But …

The folks at Writer’s Digest have a fun writing prompt challenge each week to help people build their writing muscles.  They give you a prompt and you reply with ~500 words. Sounded like fun so I whipped up an entry.  … Continue reading

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Dear SiriusXM

Dear Joe Zarella of  SiriusXM, Why does SiriusXM continue to pester me?  The last few times your company called or mailed me I explained, very nicely, that I don’t want the service and to please put us on your Do … Continue reading

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Awkward silences

Ever been talking to someone, might even be a very close friend, and all of a sudden there’s a pause in the conversation and it’s awkward?  There’s this long uncomfortable silence and you are dying to fill it.  You just … Continue reading

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