Dear SiriusXM

SiriusXM leave me alone!Dear Joe Zarella of  SiriusXM,

Why does SiriusXM continue to pester me?  The last few times your company called or mailed me I explained, very nicely, that I don’t want the service and to please put us on your Do Not Call list and remove us from the mailing list.  After expressing these wishes do you siriusly think that another ten calls or pieces of mail will inspire goodwill and loyalty from me?

Just so that we are clear, the reasons I gave to the customer service rep were as follows:

  1. We just aren’t in the car enough to make it worth subscribing.  We put maybe 500 miles a month on the car.  That’s 10 hours of in-car time.  If we suddenly change our driving habits, I’ll call, assuming that you haven’t totally alienated me by then.
  2. I avoid subscriptions that automatically renew on a contract basis.  Send me a reminder sure.  But if I let the subscription run out, I want it to stop. I want a default opt-out rather than a default opt-in.  You do not provide that option so I decline to subscribe.

If we could have parted amicably, I would have ended my association with SiriusXM with a good impression of the company and possibly returned someday as a paying customer.  But you don’t give up.  You hang on like a bulldog.  You intrude on my life like a stalker.  Perhaps if I explain why NOBODY should buy a SiriusXM subscription you will jump on the clue train.

Consider Netflix.  My TV has Netflix so I got a streaming account.  Netflix knows that no matter how many devices I have, I can only watch one stream at a time.  They don’t care how many devices I register, only that I don’t attempt to start up multiple simultaneous streams.  So when we bought a new TV for the bedroom and it had Netflix, my subscription instantly became more valuable.  When I discovered I could stream Netflix in the hotel and feed it through the HDMI cable to the TV there, the subscription became yet more valuable.  For every new device I add, the value of the subscription grows.  Since practically any consumer electronic device that has Ethernet or Wi-Fi now comes with Netflix, I’m a die-hard, loyal subscriber.   As a result, we eventually upgraded the subscription to have multiple streams and then introduced our parents and kids to the service.  Because Netflix knows know that more devices equals more value, they modeled their service plan on that and subsequently we referred several new subscribers.

Now consider SiriusXM.  I can still listen to only one stream at a time but SiriusXM wants to charge me for every device.  Listen in the car? Ka-ching!  Listen online?  Ka-ching!  Get a portable device? Ka-Ching!  Buy a second car?  Ka-Ching!  Each device I acquire diminishes the value of the service.  If I had a SiriusXM subscription in every device where I currently have a Netflix subscription, I’d go broke.  The possibility of someday acquiring another SiriusXM device is actually a deterring factor against getting a subscription today.  So rather than sign up for SiriusXM, become a loyal customer and send referrals their way, I skip the subscription altogether and instead stream, all the music I want over my Android phone.

Then there’s the hostile contract terms.  As I said, I don’t want to auto-renew.  My payment is my indication that I want to renew.  And your having once had a business relationship with me doesn’t make it OK not to honor my requests to stop contacting me.  If anything this alienates me and makes it even less likely I’ll relent and fork over my hard-earned money.

So please, Joe Zarella of SiriusXM, when your customer says there are irreconcilable differences jump on the clue train.  Either address the issues or remove that name from your database.  If you want to contact me to let me know about a new flat-rate subscription across all my devices, I’m all ears.  Other than that, let’s agree to disagree and leave each other alone.  Siriusly.

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3 Responses to Dear SiriusXM

  1. Oscar Zamora says:

    Plus their audio quality blows. I already told them that Freedom Unlimited Data (T-Mobile) + Spotify Premium for $10 bucks a month is a much better option for me. And I can move my device to any car, or use it with any receiver.

  2. slackshot says:

    What you should do.. is check to see if it still sends out your GPS coordinates, whether you have a subscription or not.

  3. Hell Hound says:

    MY FEELINGS EXACTLY!!! since I too am a loyal Netflex subscriber.

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