Indecent Fitbit exposure

Today while shopping, my wife and I decided to split up to save time. I parked the car right in front of her store to save her the walk.  My store was 100 yards further down and as I started toward it I smiled at the thought that I’d rack up some extra steps on the Fitbit.  I’ve been stuck at my desk for weeks writing presentations for IBM, GWC and TI&M so she’s been consistently outscoring me. But when I reached down to check my stats, I realized I’d left the Fitbit attached to my other pants back at home.

If you aren’t familiar, the Fitbit records your steps and activity level throughout the day.  Once you get used to tracking these statistics, you feel a bit naked walking around without it.  You can recover lost steps by shaking the unit but it feels a bit like cheating.

“No!  Dammit!”  My voice has a tendency to carry even when I’m not upset.  I don’t know if she made out exactly what I said at that distance but she definitely heard enough to know I was upset about something.

“What’s wrong?” she hollered from across the parking lot.

“Left the Fitbit at home” I said in my best stage voice.

“Don’t worry…” she shouted, and then a car passed between us and drowned the rest of her words out.  She shouted again louder but more traffic passed by and I still could not hear her.  Several passerby apparently did though because they turned to look at her.

I pointed at my ears and shook my head in the classic “no” gesture.  She shouted even louder, attracting even more attention from passerby.  Several of them had stopped in their tracks and were staring blatantly at her.  The last car finally passed out of earshot.

“Don’t worry” she practically screamed into the sudden silence.  “I’ll jiggle it for you later tonight.”

And all the pieces of the puzzle snapped into place.

About T.Rob

Computer security nerd. WebSphere MQ expert. Autist. Advocate. Author. Humanist. Text-based life form. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, G+, or LinkedIn.
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