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The singularity was here – did you miss it?

I buy into most of what Ray Kurzweil says about the singularity.  If you aren’t already familiar with that term as used by Ray and others, the premise is this: By many measures, technology advances exponentially.  If you plot out … Continue reading

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What they don’t tell you about massive weight loss

Everyone tells you that if you lose the weight everything will be different – and it was.  There are stories about fitting into compact cars, restaurant booths, airplane seats and pants you’ve never been able to wear.  All true.  There … Continue reading

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The speechless underwear

Whenever I give a conference presentation, I like to arrive at the room early to set up.  Then if there’s time I’ll talk to the early-arriving attendees, play some music, show a video or tell some stories.  A favorite topic … Continue reading

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Nosy store clerks deserve what they get

I don’t have a problem with stores posting greeters at the door and not too much of a problem with them posting people to check receipts as you exit. It’s a quality control issue and keeps costs down from theft, … Continue reading

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