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The ice cube anomaly

If you’ve ever met me on the job or at a conference, you probably noticed the stainless steel water bottle I carry and assumed it had been surgically attached.  In a way, it has.  After the gastric bypass, it’s difficult … Continue reading

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New blog: Ask an Aspie

I’ve decided to consolidate all the autism and Asperger’s posts onto a new site I’m calling Ask an Aspie.  You might have noticed a new menu item above that will take you directly to the new blog.   Once there, feel … Continue reading

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Response to NBC News

This is in response to the NBC News article Asperger’s not an explanation for Lanza’s Connecticut killing spree, experts say. Thanks to the reporter for this story.  My only gripe was the “or no diagnosed mental illness at all” sentence.  … Continue reading

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Kids and Santa – what to say?

My grandson just turned 6 and he’s at that age where he wants to know everything about Santa Claus.  This year he’s asking an endless stream of questions like “how does Santa get in without a chimney?”  I realized that … Continue reading

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Dear vendors

Dear vendors, When you send an email that says “Last chance to get your free reports!” we do NOT feel a sense of urgency.  What we actually say to ourselves is “oh thank God, now maybe they will stop pestering … Continue reading

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Why I don’t do Christmas cards

To all my social media friends, especially the new family-in-law members in a few nodes of the tree who don’t know me yet: I don’t do Christmas cards.  Even if you sent me one last year.  I don’t refuse them, … Continue reading

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