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Your Aspergers Is Showing by William Rollins — Kickstarter

Matt Kaiser is an Asperger’s stand-up comedian and variety arts entertainer who may be the subject of a movie.  But they could use some help funding: Your Aspergers Is Showing by William Rollins — Kickstarter. I always liked the idea … Continue reading

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Dangers of foreign-language consulting

Toward the end of a very successful engagement in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the project manager announced he would take the team out to celebrate.  He booked a table overlooking the harbor at a local restaurant known for fine seafood.  We … Continue reading

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Cold Fusion = End of the World

Martin Fleischmann, one of the team of scientists who announced a successful implementation of cold fusion back in 1989 died last week.  In their Notable Deaths in Schience-Technology article, UPI wrote: Researchers around the world attempted, without success, to replicate … Continue reading

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