The best Tesla Roadster money can’t buy

Saturday I wrote a new installment in the Nosey Store Clerks Saga.  The post was named Culinary Alchemy – Part 2 of the Nosy Store Clerks saga and the title referred to a story I made up for the sole purpose of torturing a clerk at the local warehouse store.  The story was about how if you have bird seed, you don’t need cat food.  The seed attracts birds, cats eat birds, converting, in a sense, bird food into cat food.  Hence the “culinary alchemy” reference in the title.  The post also discussed at length kitty litter, grass seed and fertilizer.  Culinary Alchemy received several likes and a few tweets.  (Thanks, by the way!)

Today I received an email from Klout telling me that since I’m now an authority on cooking and food, I’m eligible for a new Perk consisting of a free sample of what looks like a perfectly wonderful spice.  I’m considering putting it in the kitty litter to see if it gives the room a savory ambiance so that guests walking in the door immediately say “Smells great!  I hope I’m not late for dinner.”

The post you are now reading has nothing to do whatsoever with Tesla Roadster cars, except that perhaps Klout will think I’m now an authority on them and offer me one as a perk.  So please, like the crap out of this post and I’ll come by and give you a ride as soon as I take delivery.

(As an aside, at tonight’s #PDNYC meeting I heard that half of all personal data collected for marketing is inaccurate.  Hmmm…wonder what that spice company paid to target influential foodies?  They may have overpaid by 100%.  On the other hand, it is unlikely Klout will email me saying “We see you are an authority on security.  Here’s a wad of cash.”  But hey, I’ll take what I can get.)

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