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Small business frozen in Carbonite

Dear Carbonite, I originally purchased the Carbonite Business service based on the strong recommendation of Leo LaPorte and the product’s ability to let me manage my own encryption keys.  Although this feature is advertised heavily on Leo’s various shows, it … Continue reading

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The best book deal you’ve never heard of

The folks over at Silence in the Library Publishing and a bunch of authors, including Gail Z. Martin who featured prominently in The Kindle Confiscation, have a little Kickstarter project going.  Having been blessed with way too much integrity and propriety, … Continue reading

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La Cage Nut aux Folles

Apparently I’ve been in IT too long because it doesn’t sound at all weird to me when I say something like “I’m supposed to get cage nuts with this.”  My wife, on the other hand, thought it was some new … Continue reading

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Jim’s Acts Of Random Kindness Day 2013

One of my favorite Facebook pages is Everyone Matters.  Their message is very much in keeping with my Big Us philosophy and I visit the page often to read and contribute stories about people coming together in large and small … Continue reading

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Thoughts on cats and beef jerky

These are thoughts on cats and beef jerky, not thoughts on cat and beef jerky.  If you have only one cat, your mileage may vary, and you’ll understand why in a minute. For that matter, if your cats are normal … Continue reading

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