Garbage Collection

Trying to eat up all the odds and ends that have collected in the kitchen and pantry leads to a weird food day.

  • Slightly out of date yogurt. (If you thought those cultures were active before the expiration, you should see the Zumba dance-off they have beginning at 12:01am the day after expiration!)
  • The fruit formerly known as Banana.
  • The last of the stale-ish pita crisps with jalapeno mint jelly.
  • That frozen dinner even Matt won’t eat.
  • The last of the jalapeno olives.
  • The last of the Castelvetrano olives.
  • The last of the cracked olives.
  • Enough vodka to retroactively make martinis with said olives.  Wish I’d thought of that before I ate the olives.
  • I wonder if I could finish the last of the pickles?
  • Nope.

On the menu tomorrow:

  • Try to finish off the last of the jalapeno mint jelly by slathering it onto the last of the bread-and-butter pickle chips.
  • More out of date yogurt.
  • Is that coat of mold part of the cheese or something that came later?
  • Something made with vegetable stock.
  • Something made with frozen blueberries.
  • Hey, is blueberry soup a thing?  I’ll find out tomorrow.
  • Last of about 4 or 5 different kinds of frozen vegetables, each with less than a single serving left in the bag.
  • Archeological expedition to the bottom of the chest freezer in the garage. Send a rescue party if I’m not back by Sunday.

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