No ads!

Over at my IoPT blog I’ve written occasionally about how online ad networks are co-opted by cyber criminals and used to deliver malware.  It is one reason why I’ve never carried ads on,, or

But this blog is hosted at WordPress and is the only one of my blogs not on my own domain or hosting account. WordPress has been running ads on it but they do offer an ad-free upgrade which I just purchased.  So as of tonight this blog should be totally ad-free.  I know WordPress runs some scripts.  Hell, the theme I use runs some as well.  I try to keep these minimal but aren’t about to retrain as a WordPress programmer to make them go away entirely.  But at least you should be free of any malware vectoring in over the ad network.  If you see any ads when viewing this site, please let me know.

And now, back to your irregularly scheduled content!

About T.Rob

Computer security nerd. WebSphere MQ expert. Autist. Advocate. Author. Humanist. Text-based life form. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, G+, or LinkedIn.
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2 Responses to No ads!

  1. Good job, T.Rob. My blog is hosted by WordPress too and I have been too lazy (or busy, take your pick) to upgrade to the ad-free option. You might just inspire me. Thanks.

    • T.Rob says:

      Awesome! And if this didn’t inspire you, read one or both of the posts linked in the first line above. Malware served in ads on high profile sites for 2 years before anyone discovered the origin. Online marketing really is indistinguishable from cybercrime. :-/ Thanks for reading and commenting!

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