Supersexy Squash Recipe

My wife likes those scented wax cubes that you put in a warmer to make the house smell good.  Some of those things smell a lot like food so when I smell something delicious late at night, I assume it is scented wax.  Last night I was surprised to find it it was Megan cooking.

“What is that?  It smells delicious?”

“I’m baking some squash,” she said.  She was busily attacking the center of a gourd with a fork to pull out seeds and strings.

“You know, I thought it was one of those wax things in the warmer.”

“Yeah, some of those do smell like food.”  More seeds and strings disappeared.

“Hey, here’s an idea.  Instead of putting seasonings in the squash, put in some of that wax.  It bakes the flavor in and then when it cools you can just rip the wax out and all the seeds and strings will come with it.”

“Yeah, your squash will be smooth as a baby’s butt.  Whaddaya plan to name that recipe?”

“You kidding?  Brazilian Squash, of course.”

And THAT is how recipes are born, folks.  Look for Brazilian Squash in my upcoming recipe book Out of My Gourd.  I’d post a photo but it’s not safe for work.

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1 Response to Supersexy Squash Recipe

  1. “Out of My Gourd” That one had me laughing almost off my chair.

    Sign me up for that book!

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