The intervention contraindication

I’ve posted before on how my wife Joan​, the recovering technophobe, has taken to the smart phone.  And recently I posted about her new addiction to Trivia Crack.  But I didn’t realize how far over the edge she’d gone until last night when I walked into the bathroom to find her standing in front of the shower, naked except for a shower cap, phone in hand and totally engrossed in a round of Trivia Crack.

I’m at a complete loss here.  I don’t know what to do and for once I don’t think my autism is what’s stopping me from reading the social situation correctly.  I feel like I should arrange an intervention but given the specifics of the problem, I think most of my friends here in Charlotte will want to leave it to the professionals rather than try to forcibly pry a smartphone from clutches of a screaming naked woman brandishing a shower cap. (It’s a heavy-duty one too, not one of those disposable hotel shower caps.  I think the ruffles around the edge could cut you with enough force behind them.)

And those who do want to help under these conditions, especially those willing to travel, I have serious doubts about their motives.

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5 Responses to The intervention contraindication

  1. Pete says:

    Just that same night as I reviewed any emails, to do’s, calendar for the upcoming week – my own techno habit, there was an episode of Big Bang theory on the Tele. Ironically enough it was the episode where the cast hottie (Penny) becomes so immersed in an online game that she never leaves her apartment, becomes slovenly, and disturbs Sheldon’s world by immersing herself into his with continuous interruptions for gaming questions. The name of the episode was : the barbarian sublimation – the online game was based upon Conan the barbarian. She realizes her addiction only after accepting an in game flirt from Howard Wolowitz , something that in real life makes her skin crawl.

    • T.Rob says:

      First of all, thanks for the implicit comparison of my wife to Penny and me to Sheldon. That’s actually much closer to the truth than I’d care to admit on a normal day. She’s sexy and smart and loves me in spite of my quirks. I’m…well…a bit quirky.

      I also have to admit some of my blog titles are inspired by the Big Bang Theory show, and in this case also by my daughter Megan who is studying to become a sonography technician. She likes to throw random medical jargon into the conversation these days to remind us of just how smart she is. I then throw them into random blog post titles in an attempt to convince myself that I’m almost as smart as she is. (See? I can use ‘contraindication’ in a sentence!) It usually doesn’t work and when I’m feeling really vulnerable I switch conversations with her to MQ Security. Although admittedly she’s spent so much time around me working that I suspect she could do that too but doesn’t say anything for fear of bursting my last bubble.

  2. merelyquirky says:

    Personally, I’m always relieved when I can conclude that a problem is not ASD-related.

  3. T.Rob says:

    Faraday is turning over in his grave. (You can verify this by clipping leads onto the adjacent tombstones and hooking up a multimeter.)

  4. Morag says:

    Faraday cage around the bathroom?

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