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Rude but true – stories from beyond the stall door

***Warning: Bathroom humor*** A while back I discovered that hanging out in the airport lounge vastly improves my travel experience.  With the autism and my visceral aversion to milling about like cattle in the halls and at the gate, lounge … Continue reading

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Too good to be true

If you get within spitting distance of my blogs, then you know how I feel about open Wi-Fi.  I find it odd that in the USA Wi-Fi is by default open but wherever I’ve been in Europe it is by … Continue reading

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The Red-Shift of IT History

When in Middle School I discovered that “Allan-A-Dale has no faggots for burning” I became quite fascinated with how the meanings of words change over time.  I didn’t exactly become an etymologist, but I did make an effort to understand … Continue reading

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Taking a break from man-splaining

A Facebook friend linked a post tonight about two guys who used an outdated law to sue and shut down a women’s tech group.  First, I gotta say I hate the actions described in the story.  The guys involved are … Continue reading

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We never called it sex

In his post We Never Called it Content, Dick Taylor gives us an insider’s view of the implosion of terrestrial radio.  He points out, quite correctly in my opinion, that “radio is an art form. When you remove the artists, … Continue reading

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Marrying my partner

Apparently it is now required to disambiguate by saying “business partner” instead of the unqualified term “partner,” even in a business context.  Today while speaking with an insurance agent I remarked “I’ll have to run that past my partner, it’s … Continue reading

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