Marrying my partner

Apparently it is now required to disambiguate by saying “business partner” instead of the unqualified term “partner,” even in a business context.  Today while speaking with an insurance agent I remarked “I’ll have to run that past my partner, it’s partly his decision too,” to which the response was “Awwww, that’s sweet!  How long have you two been together?  Will you be getting married now that it’s legal?”


Also, it’s actually not legal now.  Unless it was polygamy that was recently ruled on by the Supreme Court.  Since, you know, I’m already married.  And so is my partner.  Or, I should say, “and so is my BUSINESS partner.”

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2 Responses to Marrying my partner

  1. Brilliant, T.Rob. You’re spot on that the word “partner” has taken on new meaning.

  2. Morag says:

    Save confusion and marry your business partner, or make your wife into your business partner. Worked for us! 😉

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