Deer Matt

Deer watching out the kitchen window is a favorite pastime here at Casa de Wyatt.  My wife puts out enough bird food to supply the entire avian population of North Carolina and the deer reduce it to a quantity sufficient for a few dozen woodpeckers, gold finches, doves, titmice, wrens, the usual assortments of jays and crows, and the occasional hawk.  Our deer watching hobby began as a bird watching hobby but among the many benefits of the change is that Matt can now participate.  He struggles a bit identifying birds and mixes up the species.  This is much easier for him:

“Look! A deer!”

So it was unsurprising this morning when his excited voice echoed in from the kitchen.

“Grandma, there’s deer in the yard!”

My wife enjoys the deer too so she came in to see.

“There’s the momma. The babies must be around…”

Matt pointed them out. “Up there on the hill.”

“They are getting so big!”

“What’s that?”  Matt pointed toward an animal hunkered down in front of a cluster of small oaks.  “A kangaroo?”

“Ummmm, no,” my wife said gently.  “That’s a deer pooping.”

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