Welcome Lora readers!

Lora over at Lora’s Weighted Blankets included my humble blog in her list of 60 of the best blogs on autism and disability a few days back and I’ve been remiss in not thanking her. Until now.

Thank you Lora!

It’s quite a good list. I recognize many of the blogs there and am humbled to be among such good company. I just hope I’m not diminishing the reputation of some of the other entries by appearing on the same list.

Did I mention I sometimes suffer from Imposter Syndrome? The conspiracy theorists are fond of pointing out that just because you are paranoid, it doesn’t mean they aren’t really out to get you. I have to wonder if the same thing applies to impostor syndrome – just because I think I have impostor syndrome, it doesn’t mean I’m actually good at anything. Thinking I having impostor syndrome may just be how I escape the reality that I suck at stuff. In which case I’m dragging down all the other list entrants. Sorry about that folks!

Anyway, Lora linked here so I felt obliged to point out that the actual autism stuff is now posted to Ask An Aspie. If that’s why you came here, you might want to go there. Some of my earlier autism-related content is here though and a couple of the more highly rated posts are worth a read before you go:

There are also two business-oriented blogs. I post about Privacy, Security and Internet of Things over at IoPT Consulting and I post about IBM MQ over at Store and Forward. Ask An Aspie is where all the new autism posts go and this blog, The Odd is Silent, is for everything else. Which covers a lot of territory.

I hope you enjoy one or more of the blogs enough to stick around and I send my heart-felt thanks to Lora for including this blog in her list.

Now I need to go look at Lora’s site because I’ve been improvising by buying blankets that are way too big and then folding them into a pseudo-weighted blanket of approximately the right size but rarely close tot he right weight. I’ve been thinking of buying those aprons the X-Ray techs use and stitching a few together. I bet Lora’s blankets are just as functional and a lot better looking.

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Computer security nerd. WebSphere MQ expert. Autist. Advocate. Author. Humanist. Text-based life form. Find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.
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1 Response to Welcome Lora readers!

  1. That is exciting that you’ve been listed as one of the best! I was reading the other day about a way you can make your own weighted blanket using duck tape, zip lock bags, and rice. It didn’t sound very cozy, since it is made out of duck tape, zip lock bags, and rice, but then I thought, maybe you could make one of those fleece “tie blankets” and put the duck-tape-and-zip-lock blanket inside it! I’m going to try it when I have a little bit of money to spend.

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