WFH Diary – Gratitude

In the midst of all the bad news it is important to find things to be grateful for. This is for our own benefit as much as it is for the people we take the time to thank. Gratitude nourishes the soul.

It was in this spirit that I asked my wife to take a moment and sit down with me. I held her hands in mine and looked deeply into her eyes.

“It sucks to be locked in,” I said. “But I am SO grateful to be locked in with someone I love and whose company I truly enjoy. There’s nobody I would rather be locked in with.”

She returned my gaze for a long moment, seemingly searching for the right words. Her eyes teared up and her breath fluttered. Finally she regained her composure.

“Wow,” she said with a depth of emotion I rarely see from her. “That must be nice.”

About T.Rob

Computer security nerd. WebSphere MQ expert. Autist. Advocate. Author. Humanist. Text-based life form. Find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.
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1 Response to WFH Diary – Gratitude

  1. T. Rob, I feel the same way. I’m grateful to have Sue in my life to be locked up with.

    The secret of living a good life is to cherish every moment for the specialness it brings.

    Even in times like these.

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