Anything you find on this blog isn’t likely to be much better, if at all, than Vogon poetry.  However the sign over the door says “About” so I guess you were expecting to read something about me here and who am I to disappoint you?  Here then is the T.Rob FAQ.

Q: Your an AMAZING writer!
A: OK, that’s not something I hear frequently and not a question, but now I can tell my parents in-law that someone wrote that about me on my blog.  The spelling error is so they don’t think I’m the one who wrote it.  I hope you don’t feel used.

Q: Do you do the “social media” thing?
A: Well I’m blessed with Asperger’s Syndrome so I’m not exactly what you call social.  I do Tweet though.  I blog about Asperger’s topics at Ask-an-Aspie.net, about technology and security at IoPT Consulting, and about WebSphere MQ security.  I’m also on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Q: Is T.Rob your real name?
A: Yes.  T.Robert Wyatt.

Q: What does the T stand for?
A: Todd, but the “odd” is silent.  Hence the name of the blog.

Q: Then you’re not Robert Wyatt the musician?
A: No, I get that all the time.  If I ever signed an autograph for you I’m sorry.  I’m not the Robert Wyatt you were looking for but in all fairness you should have known better.

Q: You miserable, sneaky bastard!  You ruined a perfectly good CD.  You owe me a new one.
A: Fair enough.  I’m not a musician so my CD isn’t much better, if at all, than Vogon poetry.  Still, it is a VERY limited edition signed copy so it seems like a fair trade for that one you have with the fake autograph.

Q: No, no, no.  You owe me a new ROBERT WYATT CD.
A: Oh, I see.  Do you want it autographed?

Q: @#$%#&#!
A: That’s a “yes”?  Give me your address.

Q: Never mind,  I don’t want you to know where I live.
A: Don’t you want this CD?  Hello?  Anyone there?

4 Responses to About

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  3. T.Rob,

    How are you?

    Good news, I would like to personally hand you the “BEST MOMENT AWARD“. Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the day!

  4. Joseluis says:

    YOU, sir, are a kindred spirit.

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