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Big thanks for March For Our Lives

This is to thank the students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas and from around the world who protested today. It turns out you were marching for my life today, too. As a school kid I had epilepsy which was diagnosed, and … Continue reading

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Welcome Lora readers!

Lora over at Lora’s Weighted Blankets included my humble blog in her list of 60 of the best blogs on autism and disability a few days back and I’ve been remiss in not thanking her. Until now. Thank you Lora! … Continue reading

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Personals: MWM Urgently needs to learn to speak Spanish

After MQTC I flew home to the CLT airport and of course had to check the bag with the Bat-O-Meter in it.  The checked baggage delivery at CLT remains the slowest of the airports that I frequent so wandered around … Continue reading

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Out of my Gourd!

This blog and it’s sister Ask An Aspie are coming soon as a book!  I have a request for my author readers and friends. I am trying to learn about the mechanics of publishing books and, as you may have … Continue reading

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Sometimes you break the mold, sometimes the mold breaks you

This evening my wife poked her head into the office doorway to tell me she was done in the shower.  As I was getting ready to take my turn she mentioned that the pink mold in the shower stall was … Continue reading

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Feline security researcher discovers new 0-Day vulnerability

We have three cats and one of them has a bad habit of leaving a little something outside the litter box.  It’s my wife’s biggest complaint about the cats.  Her second biggest complaint is the scratching.  No matter what kind … Continue reading

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Clouds, identity and geek crushes

Yesterday at the second Personal Clouds meetup in San Francisco I met, live and in person, Kaliya Identity Woman!  And, yes, that is her real name.  It isn’t her given name but in every way that matters it is her … Continue reading

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