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Net neutrality for the rest of us

Net Neutrality has been framed as a debate between corporate giants who can well-afford to pay to publish their content, and rightly should.  But that’s a straight-up lie.  Let’s try a thought experiment, shall we?  Imagine the public outcry if … Continue reading

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Facebook explores emergent behavior, invents bully-bot

Has anyone actually been successful getting Facebook to enforce its own Terms of Service?  Because I’m striking out left and right.  Oddly, the people having success seem to be the ones abusing the reporting process.  In his book Out Of … Continue reading

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Jim’s Acts Of Random Kindness Day 2013

One of my favorite Facebook pages is Everyone Matters.  Their message is very much in keeping with my Big Us philosophy and I visit the page often to read and contribute stories about people coming together in large and small … Continue reading

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Latest revelations concerning the NSA

BREAKING NEWS! It was revealed today in secret documents leaked to this reporter that the US National Security Agency (NSA) is actually a division of Claus Industries, LLC, a company synonymous with its eponymous founder and CEO, Santa Claus. We … Continue reading

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Futurist’s Groundhog Day

It’s deja vu all over again One aspect of intentcasting that fascinates me is how recursive it is.  VRM is the manifestation of a desire for intentcasting in an environment which lacks a framework for intentcasting.  It needs to bootstrap … Continue reading

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No, Mr. President. What *You* Need to Know About the Energy Security Trust

Among this evening’s emails was an infographic from the White House explaining the new Energy Security Trust and asking readers to share the link.  OK Mr. President, I’ll share your infographic but with the comment that the plan as outlined … Continue reading

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Cold Fusion = End of the World

Martin Fleischmann, one of the team of scientists who announced a successful implementation of cold fusion back in 1989 died last week.  In their Notable Deaths in Schience-Technology article, UPI wrote: Researchers around the world attempted, without success, to replicate … Continue reading

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