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Leading by example vs. herding from behind

To me leadership isn’t forcing people to behave the way you want, but making a good enough case to persuade, and leading by example. Our legislature in NC doesn’t feel the same way. To them leadership means forcing people to … Continue reading

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Qualifications for the office of President

There’s an old maxim that journalists are supposed to report the news not become the news.  This was easier when the reporter was just a byline on their stories.  With radio and then television came the need to like certain … Continue reading

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The inspiration consternation

Stouffer‘s seems mighty proud that their Lean Cuisine Ricotta Cheese & Spinach Ravioli dinner is “culinary inspired.” That sounds quite upscale until you look up culinary which means “of or for cooking” according to Chef Google. So, assuming we can … Continue reading

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Facebook to boost engagement with new recursive Like feature

24 October 2015 – San Jose, CA Mark Zuckerburg announced today that Facebook will soon allow its users  to “Like” another user’s “Like” on their own or another timeline. “We have been battling a lengthy and steady decline in compelling … Continue reading

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Weapons of mass intoxication

Back before Facebook, cartoon memes were photocopied and faxed from office to office.  During the Cold War some of those memes involved military strategy for defeating “the Ruskies”.  Among the popular memes for a while was the ICBMW: Intercontinental Ballistic … Continue reading

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Taking a break from man-splaining

A Facebook friend linked a post tonight about two guys who used an outdated law to sue and shut down a women’s tech group.  First, I gotta say I hate the actions described in the story.  The guys involved are … Continue reading

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We never called it sex

In his post We Never Called it Content, Dick Taylor gives us an insider’s view of the implosion of terrestrial radio.  He points out, quite correctly in my opinion, that “radio is an art form. When you remove the artists, … Continue reading

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Publishing, recognition, and social media

The publishing industry, indeed pretty much all our industries, evolved in a world governed by the laws of Newtonian physics.  Value flows through the supply chain, physically attached to the atoms of the product.  Value is created through scarcity.  The … Continue reading

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Discrimination man-splained by a high-income white guy

Yesterday a Facebook friend posted about a horrifying example of sex discrimination to which she was subjected.  Parking attendants at a large community festival were assigning parking spaces by gender.  When she challenged this policy she was told that “it’s … Continue reading

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Protected: Appliance repair sinks to new Lowe’s

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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