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Sprinting in place – one man’s triumph over entropy, cats, and self-esteem

Ever get that feeling that no matter how hard you work, you aren’t getting anywhere? My family have been going through a tough time lately with health issues, job demands, car problems, breaking appliances, a mystery slime mold that invaded … Continue reading

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Personals: MWM Urgently needs to learn to speak Spanish

After MQTC I flew home to the CLT airport and of course had to check the bag with the Bat-O-Meter in it.  The checked baggage delivery at CLT remains the slowest of the airports that I frequent so wandered around … Continue reading

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Sometimes you break the mold, sometimes the mold breaks you

This evening my wife poked her head into the office doorway to tell me she was done in the shower.  As I was getting ready to take my turn she mentioned that the pink mold in the shower stall was … Continue reading

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Response to NBC News

This is in response to the NBC News article Asperger’s not an explanation for Lanza’s Connecticut killing spree, experts say. Thanks to the reporter for this story.  My only gripe was the “or no diagnosed mental illness at all” sentence.  … Continue reading

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Why I don’t do Christmas cards

To all my social media friends, especially the new family-in-law members in a few nodes of the tree who don’t know me yet: I don’t do Christmas cards.  Even if you sent me one last year.  I don’t refuse them, … Continue reading

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Asperger’s as a user interface problem

I hate it when computer software wastes my time!  Last week I was working on some research using a SUSE Linux server when suddenly everything I typed was in some foreign character set and the writing was oriented right-to-left instead … Continue reading

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