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Solar Roadways is funding – and why you should care

Scott and Julie Brusaw of Idaho came up with the brilliant idea of embedding solar cells into roadways.  Even with the meager conversion rates of today’s solar cells and even in the more Northern regions where the incident solar angle … Continue reading

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Soverign by design

Over at moxytongue.com, Devon writes: I am challenged by questions concerning the structure of #VRM tools that are built for “Me” in a personal data context, versus the structure of #VRM tools that are built for “Us” in a market … Continue reading

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Applying software’s customer interaction models to hardware

If you haven’t heard about Vendor Relationship Management, you should take a look.  As a consumer, VRM gives you more power in the relationships with your vendors, even if they don’t participate.  But for vendors who participate, VRM transforms the … Continue reading

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Open letter to candidates

Just like everyone else, we at Casa de Wyatt have been inundated with postal and email from the various campaigns.  Several of the emails promised the candidate would create jobs and included an invitation to contact the campaign with any … Continue reading

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