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Insider trading and Schrödinger’s Law of Toxicity Attraction

I’m pretty sure it was Schrödinger who posited that the attractiveness to your cat of any food dropped on the floor is directly proportional to that food’s level of toxicity to your cat.  Our cats are all on special diets … Continue reading

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Sprinting in place – one man’s triumph over entropy, cats, and self-esteem

Ever get that feeling that no matter how hard you work, you aren’t getting anywhere? My family have been going through a tough time lately with health issues, job demands, car problems, breaking appliances, a mystery slime mold that invaded … Continue reading

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Of cabbages and kings, sealing wax and wedding rings

Alexa, the bot personality in Amazon’s Echo, can do lots of things.   She gives you weather reports, plays your favorite music, tells jokes, and we found out recently she will do a coin toss as well.  Since discovering the coin … Continue reading

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The intervention contraindication

Is a game addiction ever too severe to stage an intervention? Possibly. Continue reading

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Supersexy Squash Recipe

This is how recipes are born. Continue reading

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Nerd love

My wife and I watched Scorpion on the DVR tonight.  “I like this show,” she told me as the credits began to roll. “Well,” I replied, “you do have a thing for brainy nerds.” “Are you a brainy nerd?” “Little … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Miracle

We aren’t doing the turkey thing here at Casa de Wyatt this year.  In fact, we’re having a very quiet Thanksgiving dinner.  The kids both have other families to spend the holiday with this year and will be doing their … Continue reading

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