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Latest revelations concerning the NSA

BREAKING NEWS! It was revealed today in secret documents leaked to this reporter that the US National Security Agency (NSA) is actually a division of Claus Industries, LLC, a company synonymous with its eponymous founder and CEO, Santa Claus. We … Continue reading

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How to make the Internet fun!

Sure the Internet is fun already, but do you want it to be funner?  No problem!  Just follow these steps: Log into all the social networks in which you participate, each in its own browser tab.  This especially includes Facebook … Continue reading

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Feline security researcher discovers new 0-Day vulnerability

We have three cats and one of them has a bad habit of leaving a little something outside the litter box.  It’s my wife’s biggest complaint about the cats.  Her second biggest complaint is the scratching.  No matter what kind … Continue reading

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Over at the Personal Clouds list, the topic of Tresorit came up.  The service provides “completely secure cloud storage” and offers USD$10k to anyone who can hack the client-side encryption.  The word Tresor is either an encryption method designed to … Continue reading

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Spam origin experiment

One of the first things I did when I registered t-rob.net was to set up my new email address.  The second thing I did was to delete the spam email that arrived a moment later. Spam is the scourge of … Continue reading

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IoT Device on-boarding for real people

Did your grandmother walk 5 miles to school?  Uphill?  Both ways? Each generation has their hardship stories.  I remember telling my kids “When I was your age, I had to walk all the way across the living room to change … Continue reading

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Waking up my inner hacker

Recently I bought some Arduinos, a bunch of sensors, some LED bulbs, a few basic soldering kits and started hacking together some primitive sensor systems.  My first soldering kit failed to work at all, probably because I burned out the … Continue reading

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