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WFH Diary – Well, there’s something you don’t see every day

NYC has issued guidelines for “Safer Sex and COVID-19“. One of the recommendations is to “Pick larger, more open, and well-ventilated spaces.” So, outdoors, basically. The old standby of yelling “Hey you two, get a room!” is another casualty of … Continue reading

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A party by any other name

My wife put Maraschino cherries on the shopping list and for the life of me I couldn’t seem to find the damned things in the store today. Fortunately, I stumbled into the guy who stocks the shelves. (I’m convinced that … Continue reading

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Climbing the social ladder

This morning my wife and I crossed paths at the bathroom sink as we were getting ready for our respective days.  It’s been a rough few weeks with all sorts of problems including her father getting major surgery.  He just … Continue reading

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A career in Tech Support

Anyone who is even moderately geeky soon becomes the Tech Support person for all their tech-challenged friends and family.  My professional friends are all pretty tech-y and know this all too well.  But I also have a foot in the … Continue reading

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The intervention contraindication

Is a game addiction ever too severe to stage an intervention? Possibly. Continue reading

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Nerd love

My wife and I watched Scorpion on the DVR tonight.  “I like this show,” she told me as the credits began to roll. “Well,” I replied, “you do have a thing for brainy nerds.” “Are you a brainy nerd?” “Little … Continue reading

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Waking up my inner hacker

Recently I bought some Arduinos, a bunch of sensors, some LED bulbs, a few basic soldering kits and started hacking together some primitive sensor systems.  My first soldering kit failed to work at all, probably because I burned out the … Continue reading

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