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The inspiration consternation

Stouffer‘s seems mighty proud that their Lean Cuisine Ricotta Cheese & Spinach Ravioli dinner is “culinary inspired.” That sounds quite upscale until you look up culinary which means “of or for cooking” according to Chef Google. So, assuming we can … Continue reading

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No ads!

Over at my IoPT blog I’ve written occasionally about how online ad networks are co-opted by cyber criminals and used to deliver malware.  It is one reason why I’ve never carried ads on T-Rob.net, IoPTConsulting.com, or Ask-An-Aspie.net. But this blog … Continue reading

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Advanced travel Tip #65: How to survive the desk at the @Hampton Inn

Have you ever stayed at a Hampton Inn?  If so, chances are very good that you have run into their particularly perverse room floor plan.  Most of the Hampton properties I’ve visited have this floor plan so I assume it’s … Continue reading

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Dear @Klout – A note about #security

Dear Klout, Just because it’s on Schneier’s blog doesn’t mean it’s about security.  At least not directly.  You see, every Friday, Bruce links to something about squid.  The actual squishy kind that live in water. The Schneier post to which … Continue reading

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Latest revelations concerning the NSA

BREAKING NEWS! It was revealed today in secret documents leaked to this reporter that the US National Security Agency (NSA) is actually a division of Claus Industries, LLC, a company synonymous with its eponymous founder and CEO, Santa Claus. We … Continue reading

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The multiple personalities of AllClear ID

On leaving IBM, I initiated the process to roll my 401K over to my IRA.  The fund manager sent the requisite forms – already filled out with my SSN, contact info and the account numbers to effect the transfer – … Continue reading

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VRM as root of sovereignty

A VRM-y system would presumably alert you if you didn’t meet the age requirements for some web site you wished to join or subscribe to.  Considering that under the CFAA doing so would be a felony in the US, you’d … Continue reading

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