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A party by any other name

My wife put Maraschino cherries on the shopping list and for the life of me I couldn’t seem to find the damned things in the store today. Fortunately, I stumbled into the guy who stocks the shelves. (I’m convinced that … Continue reading

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Toes by any other name…

So my wife and I were sitting around trying to decide what our porn star names would be. OK, we were sitting around trying to decide what her porn star name would be. Mine would be T-Bone, obviously. Hers is … Continue reading

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Climbing the social ladder

This morning my wife and I crossed paths at the bathroom sink as we were getting ready for our respective days.  It’s been a rough few weeks with all sorts of problems including her father getting major surgery.  He just … Continue reading

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Sex is 90% mental – and so are my friends, apparently

So a friend was lamenting that we are getting kinda old, he’s never had the menage à trois he’s always wanted, and he’s afraid he never will.  He’s having a late-mid-life crisis kind of thing, I suppose. We both came … Continue reading

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The intervention contraindication

Is a game addiction ever too severe to stage an intervention? Possibly. Continue reading

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Nerd love

My wife and I watched Scorpion on the DVR tonight.  “I like this show,” she told me as the credits began to roll. “Well,” I replied, “you do have a thing for brainy nerds.” “Are you a brainy nerd?” “Little … Continue reading

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The Peter Principle

My wife and I were watching TV this evening when I paused the show for a bio-break.  Unbeknownst to my wife, one of our cats pushed his way in whilst I was in the bathroom.  From her vantage point in … Continue reading

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Facebook explores emergent behavior, invents bully-bot

Has anyone actually been successful getting Facebook to enforce its own Terms of Service?  Because I’m striking out left and right.  Oddly, the people having success seem to be the ones abusing the reporting process.  In his book Out Of … Continue reading

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Soverign by design

Over at moxytongue.com, Devon writes: I am challenged by questions concerning the structure of #VRM tools that are built for “Me” in a personal data context, versus the structure of #VRM tools that are built for “Us” in a market … Continue reading

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Response to NBC News

This is in response to the NBC News article Asperger’s not an explanation for Lanza’s Connecticut killing spree, experts say. Thanks to the reporter for this story.  My only gripe was the “or no diagnosed mental illness at all” sentence.  … Continue reading

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