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Travelex rant

Wow, so Travelex managed to screw me pretty royally.  Pretty fitting considering I’m in the UK where they know a little something about royalty.  This is a pure rant so if you aren’t interested, I highly recommend the Solar roadways … Continue reading

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Small business frozen in Carbonite

Dear Carbonite, I originally purchased the Carbonite Business service based on the strong recommendation of Leo LaPorte and the product’s ability to let me manage my own encryption keys.  Although this feature is advertised heavily on Leo’s various shows, it … Continue reading

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La Cage Nut aux Folles

Apparently I’ve been in IT too long because it doesn’t sound at all weird to me when I say something like “I’m supposed to get cage nuts with this.”  My wife, on the other hand, thought it was some new … Continue reading

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Dangers of foreign-language consulting

Toward the end of a very successful engagement in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the project manager announced he would take the team out to celebrate.  He booked a table overlooking the harbor at a local restaurant known for fine seafood.  We … Continue reading

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The ice cube anomaly

If you’ve ever met me on the job or at a conference, you probably noticed the stainless steel water bottle I carry and assumed it had been surgically attached.  In a way, it has.  After the gastric bypass, it’s difficult … Continue reading

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