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Facebook to boost engagement with new recursive Like feature

24 October 2015 – San Jose, CA Mark Zuckerburg announced today that Facebook will soon allow its users  to “Like” another user’s “Like” on their own or another timeline. “We have been battling a lengthy and steady decline in compelling … Continue reading

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Facebook explores emergent behavior, invents bully-bot

Has anyone actually been successful getting Facebook to enforce its own Terms of Service?  Because I’m striking out left and right.  Oddly, the people having success seem to be the ones abusing the reporting process.  In his book Out Of … Continue reading

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Jim’s Acts Of Random Kindness Day 2013

One of my favorite Facebook pages is Everyone Matters.  Their message is very much in keeping with my Big Us philosophy and I visit the page often to read and contribute stories about people coming together in large and small … Continue reading

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Response to NBC News

This is in response to the NBC News article Asperger’s not an explanation for Lanza’s Connecticut killing spree, experts say. Thanks to the reporter for this story.  My only gripe was the “or no diagnosed mental illness at all” sentence.  … Continue reading

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