Welcome Lora readers!

Lora over at Lora’s Weighted Blankets included my humble blog in her list of 60 of the best blogs on autism and disability a few days back and I’ve been remiss in not thanking her. Until now.

Thank you Lora!

It’s quite a good list. I recognize many of the blogs there and am humbled to be among such good company. I just hope I’m not diminishing the reputation of some of the other entries by appearing on the same list.

Did I mention I sometimes suffer from Imposter Syndrome? The conspiracy theorists are fond of pointing out that just because you are paranoid, it doesn’t mean they aren’t really out to get you. I have to wonder if the same thing applies to impostor syndrome – just because I think I have impostor syndrome, it doesn’t mean I’m actually good at anything. Thinking I having impostor syndrome may just be how I escape the reality that I suck at stuff. In which case I’m dragging down all the other list entrants. Sorry about that folks!

Anyway, Lora linked here so I felt obliged to point out that the actual autism stuff is now posted to Ask An Aspie. If that’s why you came here, you might want to go there. Some of my earlier autism-related content is here though and a couple of the more highly rated posts are worth a read before you go:

There are also two business-oriented blogs. I post about Privacy, Security and Internet of Things over at IoPT Consulting and I post about IBM MQ over at Store and Forward. Ask An Aspie is where all the new autism posts go and this blog, The Odd is Silent, is for everything else. Which covers a lot of territory.

I hope you enjoy one or more of the blogs enough to stick around and I send my heart-felt thanks to Lora for including this blog in her list.

Now I need to go look at Lora’s site because I’ve been improvising by buying blankets that are way too big and then folding them into a pseudo-weighted blanket of approximately the right size but rarely close tot he right weight. I’ve been thinking of buying those aprons the X-Ray techs use and stitching a few together. I bet Lora’s blankets are just as functional and a lot better looking.

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The inspiration consternation

2015-11-10_21-25-54Stouffer‘s seems mighty proud that their Lean Cuisine Ricotta Cheese & Spinach Ravioli dinner is “culinary inspired.” That sounds quite upscale until you look up culinary which means “of or for cooking” according to Chef Google. So, assuming we can believe the marketing, the new Lean Cuisine “Marketplace” line of frozen meals is inspired by stuff vaguely related to cooking. Whew, what a relief!

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Sprinting in place – one man’s triumph over entropy, cats, and self-esteem

Ever get that feeling that no matter how hard you work, you aren’t getting anywhere? My family have been going through a tough time lately with health issues, job demands, car problems, breaking appliances, a mystery slime mold that invaded our air handler, and even so much rain that the ground got soggy enough for trees to just fall over randomly.

It’s been a lot of work keeping up with all of this.  No matter how much effort we put in it seems we keep sliding slowly backwards. At one point I told a friend it seemed we were running in place. Then things got worse and it felt like we were sprinting in place. Full out, 110% effort, leave it all on the track, sprinting.  In place.

So last week I decided to take drastic action. I went on Amazon and found the items I needed to execute my plan. They arrived yesterday and I went to bed happy thinking that I would wake up and strike a blow for progress. Today would be the day I step out from over the involuntary treadmill and make up some of the ground we’ve lost over the last few months.

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Facebook to boost engagement with new recursive Like feature

recursivelike24 October 2015 – San Jose, CA

Mark Zuckerburg announced today that Facebook will soon allow its users  to “Like” another user’s “Like” on their own or another timeline.

“We have been battling a lengthy and steady decline in compelling content,” explained Zuck.  He went on to explain the specifics of the plan to make Facebook more relevant.

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Climbing the social ladder

This morning my wife and I crossed paths at the bathroom sink as we were getting ready for our respective days.  It’s been a rough few weeks with all sorts of problems including her father getting major surgery.  He just came home from several days in the hospital and she’s still recovering from the marathon.  We talked a bit about recent events, then just stopped what we were doing and hugged each other in mutual support, grateful for each others company and a quiet moment together in which to enjoy it.

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Styling hair and other stuff

Yesterday my hair stylist and I were chatting whilst she was pushing some sheep shears through my hair.  Yes, I use a stylist and I’m not at all embarrassed by that.  I always comb my hair straight back so you might not think it takes any skill to cut, but after a few disasters at the local generi-cut shop I visited my wife’s stylist.  This was 15 years ago and I’ve been going there ever since.  I say “cutting” but my hair is so think it’s more like shearing, which was part of the problem.  This girl can cut anything, and that was our topic of conversation on this visit.

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Laundering land mines

So I’m packing up for my trip to Boston and there’s a basket of freshly dried white clothes on the bed.  It has stuff I’m going to need so I start folding.  My wife walks by and thanks me for helping out.  I pick a pair of panties out of the basket, display them suggestively and leer at her.

“If you reeeeeally want to thank me…” I grinned, still waving the panties.

“Those are Megan’s” she replied without missing a beat.

I yelled and tossed the panties back in the basket like they were radioactive.  I felt like I needed to shower all of a sudden.

We have chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach, and liquid stain remover in the laundry room.  We have all kinds of soaps, shampoos, and skin lotions in the bathroom closet.  The hall closet is filled with things for cleaning around the house.  Despite all this inventory, the one thing we do not have in supply is the one thing I need most at this moment: some industrial-strength shame remover.  This is the laundry-marker of emotions.  It can’t be washed or scrubbed, you have to wear it until it fades away of its own accord.

Now it was her turn to grin. “Still want me to thank you?”

“Ummm, no.  Maybe after a year.  Or two.  Of intense therapy.”

Good thing I’m working out of town this week because it’ll be a while before I can look my daughter in the eye again.  I hope my wife understands if I never help with the laundry ever again, so long as we both shall live.  If we ever renew our vows, this one is top of the list.

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