Marrying my partner

Apparently it is now required to disambiguate by saying “business partner” instead of the unqualified term “partner,” even in a business context.  Today while speaking with an insurance agent I remarked “I’ll have to run that past my partner, it’s partly his decision too,” to which the response was “Awwww, that’s sweet!  How long have you two been together?  Will you be getting married now that it’s legal?”


Also, it’s actually not legal now.  Unless it was polygamy that was recently ruled on by the Supreme Court.  Since, you know, I’m already married.  And so is my partner.  Or, I should say, “and so is my BUSINESS partner.”

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Publishing, recognition, and social media

The publishing industry, indeed pretty much all our industries, evolved in a world governed by the laws of Newtonian physics.  Value flows through the supply chain, physically attached to the atoms of the product.  Value is created through scarcity.  The ability to manufacture and distribute physical works of authorship  at scale was, and remains, scarce.  Access to mass forms of media broadcast was scarce.  Ownership involved physical transfer of atoms so that increasing the number of items in one place diminished the number in another.  When goods and services are scarce, value is derived from controlling the good, physical access to it, or the ability to scale it.

None of that matters in the digital world.  To type on a keyboard is to manufacture a work of authorship.  To post it on the Internet is to distribute it, potentially at scale.  The transfer of a digital copy of a work does not diminish the number of copies in stock.  The laws of physics do not apply.  Scarcity does not apply.  The value of controlling scarce resources has a half-life measured in weeks.  Soon it will be days.

The rise of the net and the shift of the economy away from atoms and toward bits has transformed every aspect of the publishing industry across all forms of media.  That it would wreak havoc on things like printing, distribution, representation, agency, and the supply chain seems obvious and inevitable.  Especially in retrospect.  That it would disrupt professional societies and the recognition and award processes was perhaps less obvious.
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Mis-pronouncing ethnic names

I’m in Jersey City NJ again, at the NY/NJ MQ User Group giving a session on certificate management.  Nearby hotels are fairly expensive so last time I was here I tried an AirBnB and it didn’t go very well.  This time I figured I’d try a budget hotel a few blocks from the event.  What I didn’t realize was that “a few blocks” really isn’t, if the hotel is bounded on one side by an Interstate highway and the on-ramp to the Holland Tunnel. D’oh!

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Discrimination man-splained by a high-income white guy

Yesterday a Facebook friend posted about a horrifying example of sex discrimination to which she was subjected.  Parking attendants at a large community festival were assigning parking spaces by gender.  When she challenged this policy she was told that “it’s a fact” that men are better at parallel parking than women.  This is deeply offensive on many levels and naturally people responded in force commented to show their support.  Then it happened.

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Ducks and domination

I beheaded a duck this morning.

In fairness, it was a statue of a duck and not a live duck.  I thought that fact would perhaps warrant less disappointment from my wife.  I’m not at all sure that it has.

I’m going to repair the headless duck and that has required fabrication of a rig to clamp the head in place while the cement dries.  We now have a badass SMBD duck statue that looks like it should be whipped and dominated by some another duck.  Just like in real life if you’ve ever seen them mate, by the way.  My mention of this element of authenticity also failed to go over well.

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Out of my Gourd!

Out Of My Gourd coverThis blog and it’s sister Ask An Aspie are coming soon as a book!  I have a request for my author readers and friends.

I am trying to learn about the mechanics of publishing books and, as you may have picked up, I tend to learn best by doing things hands-on. With this in mind, I undertook to self-publish a collection of blog posts from The Odd is Silent and Ask An Aspie, focusing on those that are humorous and/or about autism.

As you may have also picked up on, I don’t do anything without an element of fun, and often that fun comes at my own expense. Which is how you can help. I would like to have quotes about the book from other authors to put in the “praise for this book” section  – these will be anything but. For example:

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Sex is 90% mental – and so are my friends, apparently

So a friend was lamenting that we are getting kinda old, he’s never had the menage à trois he’s always wanted, and he’s afraid he never will.  He’s having a late-mid-life crisis kind of thing, I suppose. We both came of age just after the free love hippie era had passed by and he’s always felt a little cheated by that.  Well, a lot cheated if the truth be known.

Which makes him an easy target.  I couldn’t resist.
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